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Apr 11 2024


I’m Rajendra Pariyar from Damauli Tanahun Nepal. I came to learn more about the Christian faith and belief since 2015. It all started when I found some tracks in my house, sparking my interest to delve deeper. Reading those tracks and listening to Nepali-language gospel preaching on YouTube became a daily routine for me. Whenever I listened to those gospel tracks, I felt peace in my inner heart, which ignited a curiosity about Christianity and who Jesus Christ is.

One day, I decided to explore Christianity further and began searching for a local church in my hometown of Damauli. That’s when I discovered Damauli Church. I remember feeling scared on my first visit, surrounded by new faces and witnessing people worshiping God. Despite my apprehension, I introduced myself as a Hindu, eager to learn about Jesus and the Christian faith. Pastor Narayan Poudel warmly welcomed me and gradually started sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with me. He even gave me a Bible, which I eagerly started reading, and my faith in Christ grew stronger with each passing day.

Slowly, I started attending church every Saturday, hiding my visits from my family. I would tell them I was attending extra classes while I was actually at church. Within three months of becoming a new Christian, I began actively participating in church and youth activities. Whenever I went to church and read the Bible, I felt a profound sense of peace and inner healing that I had never experienced before in Hinduism. It was during these moments that I realized I was chosen by God for a purpose, and I found the true meaning of life in Christianity.

In Christianity, I discovered the teachings of Jesus, which emphasized love, kindness, forgiveness, and salvation. I firmly believed that Jesus is the Son of God who came to Earth, lived a sinless life, died on the cross to forgive people’s sins, and rose again. This belief gave me hope for eternal life with God in heaven and encouraged me to confess my sins and strive to be a better person.

After two years of discernment, I decided to publicly declare my faith through baptism on February 14, 2016, without informing my strict Hindu family. Despite their opposition, I became actively involved in church activities and was eventually promoted to youth and worship leader. It was through baptism that I fully surrendered my life to Jesus and embraced my calling as a Christian evangelist.

My journey with Christ led me to a camp meeting in Tanahun in 2017, where I experienced a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit. This experience confirmed God’s calling on my life and gave me clarity about my purpose. Since then, I have continued to serve the Lord faithfully, believing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to save humanity from sin.


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